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The Odyssey

Each of us is on an Odyssey; a long and eventful journey that we fondly refer to as life.  It is up to us to decide how we are going to view this Odyssey.  Will it be a Greek Tragedy; full of angst and sorrow and calamity? Will it be an adventure; full of excitement and action?  Will it be a comedy with slapstick and pratfalls?  Or maybe a mystery, or a romance.

Or maybe your Odyssey will entail aspects of each of these; genres so expertly woven together that they make for a seemingly seamless story that is rich and fulfilling and yet full of humor and tears as well.

I have no right to tell you what sort of a story you should write or how your story should proceed.  All that I can do is to tell you my own story, and to share with you some of what I’ve learned during my own Odyssey.

To help tell my own story, I’ve created four separate blog categories, each addressing different aspects of my journey.  You are welcome to browse through any of them.  Share them if you wish (though I would appreciate it if you gave me credit for my own words).  Regardless, I can only hope that they bring you peace and hope and perhaps act as a signpost to finding your own happiness.


The Authentic Living Series puts together lessons that I have learned on my own journey; tips and techniques that have made things easier for me.  Perhaps they will be of some help to you as well; or maybe not. If not, perhaps they will at least give you another perspective of how some people approach aspects of their reality.


Metaphysical Mussings are bits and pieces that I have written concerning spirituality and its various aspects.  Some are philosophical, some are whimsical, but all are my own take; my own view of the world.


My Odyssey is my own long and eventful journey; stories and firsthand accounts from the trenches of my own war against those illusions that would keep me from discovering (or living) my truth.  Again, maybe you will find them helpful, or maybe not.  But either way, I thank you for reading!


Some things are just too big to put into words, and those moments when the human heart touches the infinite are definitely one of those; something that has to be experienced in order to be understood.  It is at these times that I resort to painting – or poetry to try to capture the essence of what it is that I am feeling, and this section is devoted to those poems that attempt to capture what words alone fail to do.

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