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The Muse

Do you know of the Muses?  Have you ever listened as the voice of inspiration whispered in your ear?

While the oldest traditions number the Muses at three, the Classical understanding listed them as nine in number. Three would, of course be incredibly symbolic seeing as that three is a trinity and complimentary to the concept of the triple Goddess; Maiden/Mother/Crone.

According to one legend, however, the Muses were the daughters of Zeus and Mnemosyne, the goddess of memory.  According to other tellings, the muses were no less than the offspring of Gaia and Uranus predating all of the Greek Pantheon and in fact contributing to their creation.

Regardless of the number of muses or their origins, one thing can be agreed upon by all sources; the Muses were inspiration.  They were the embodiment of the arts; inspiring creation and creativity in mankind through their graces and were the well-spring of everything; song and stage and writing and instrumental music and even dance.

We all have our Muses; those things that inspire us.  Whether it is the inspiration to write a symphony or to say I love you, it all comes from the same source, and it is a well-spring that never runs dry.

My own personal muse is not as easy to define as choosing one of the nine sisters, for when it comes to writing it is not unusual to dip into every area of inspiration; poetry, song, history, tragedy, comedy, you name it, it can be an inspiration.

But it doesn’t have to be written down to be an inspiration.  I’m an avid reader, and while many of my ideas are spawned by something I’ve read – or in reaction to something I’ve read – it could just as easily be a reaction to a piece of music, or the way the light falls across my living room floor. An idea can be triggered by a particularly vivid dream, by something someone says that inadvertently triggers a series of thoughts or memories, by the taste of raspberries that have been warmed by sunlight or by the incessant purr of my calico cat.

And then of course, there are the times when ideas appear, fully formed, in my head; seemingly without any reason and
almost always without any sort of warning. But those are welcome too; like memories of things long forgotten; for they are part of who I am, and what I do, and have helped to define the world that I live in, which may be the same as yours, but which, then again, might not be.

So I welcome all experiences, regardless of how mundane or bizarre, for I’m never entirely sure where my next idea will
be coming from.

Indeed, I’m not sure that I would want to know where my next idea would be coming from, because that would take some
of the mystery and wonder out of life!

For those who are interested, you are welcome to join me in some of my muse-inspired writing, I’ve provided a few links below to both of my published books as well as my blogs.



What if everything you’d ever been told about history – about God – about the devil  – about reality – was wrong?

Published in 2003, An Apology for the Devil explores a world where God is not what he seems; Lucifer is more than he appears, and where a love that spans the ages holds the key to giving humanity the opportunity to wake up to its full potential.

For more information about AN APOLOGY FOR THE DEVIL as well as purchasing information, click HERE.



Published in 2007, King Christopher’s Quest is a wholey original story for everyone in the family.  Packed with Kings and Courtiers, magic and mayhem, love found and lost relations., the characters in King Christopher’s Quest will become as real to you as your next door neighbor, though probably with a bit more fur.

For more information about KING CHRISTOPHER’S QUEST as well as purchasing information, click HERE.


                         HARRY POTTER FAN FICTION

In some circles SSHenry is known as “The Queen of Emotion” for her well-received Harry Potter Fanfiction stories; stories she wrote to keep her daughters happy while waiting for the next installment of the Harry Potter books.

If you are curious as to how JK Rowling’s world imagined by SSHenry would have turned out, you can find her published fanfiction HERE or HERE


It’s a Mad world, and sometimes telling it like you see it is the only way that you can stay sane

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The Mad Ramblings of a Semi-Psychotic Housewife

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