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Like the heroes of old, once you have unraveled the Labyrinth of illusion on your Journey to Center; once you have faced the beast within; seen it for what it is and accepted it as a part of who and what you are; integrated it into your very being; then, and only then can you emerge victorious, armed with the knowledge of the true nature of reality and of what it means to be you; only then that you can truly begin to live.

Life after having emerged from the labyrinth is not the same as it was before.  How can it be?  After having come face to face with your inner demons, everything changes.  Everything.   You are no longer the person that you were.  Your perceptions; the way that you yourself and the world around you has been completely altered and with a perception shift this profound you cannot go back to the way things were even if you wanted to.

In fact, once you have emerged into the true light of consciousness you might expect that life would become idyllic; utopian even.  But nothing is further from the truth.  In fact, chances are that your life will take a turn for the chaotic as, one after another, the ideas, beliefs, values, morals, relationships; everything that you thought you could depend on will be challenged and show for what it truly is and it will be up to you to decide if the old concept can be integrated with your new perception of yourself and of reality, or if, in order to continue your journey, you will have to let it fall by the wayside.

The Most Dangerous Step

In a way this can be the most difficult and dangerous part of your journey, for while it took pure courage and determination to brave the labyrinth and to face the beast that lies within; confronting all of your old concepts takes a fortitude that can be truly grueling; especially when it involves other individuals who don’t understand why you can no longer be the person they remember; or dredges up old hurts that will threaten to tear your heart in two.

It is at this point of your journey that you need, more than ever, a lifeline; a focus; a way of remembering why you are doing this, and why it is important that you see it through to the end.  But don’t make the mistake of assigning this role to a person or institution, for you may very well find that that relationship or belief system will end up on your chopping block, and then where will you be?  Adrift and rudderless and apt to give yourself up to the demons that will convince you that you have been abandoned.

When Theseus emerged from the labyrinth, he did so with the help of Ariadne’s  thread which he had used to guide himself back through the tunnels to freedom and to the woman who loved him. In the story Ariadne’s thread had dual meanings; it was representative of the woman who enabled Theseus to unravel the maze, but it was also symbolic of the reason and logic that Theseus employed in the process.

Once he had solved the maze, Theseus ended up abandoning Ariadne inadvertently on a beach and became so distraught over the fact that he forgot to put up white sails (which were supposed to be a sign that he had succeeded in destroying the beast) and the King of Minos committed suicide in despair.

So too can attachment to ideas, beliefs or even relationships prove to be the downfall of one who has reached this stage of the journey.  Many times a person who has reached emergence will stop their onward journey for fear of what it will do to those around them; of what they will have to give up in order to bring their lives into alignment with their soul purpose.  The only way to ensure that you have the strength to follow this stage through to completion is by connecting with the source of your power.

Connecting With Source

The source of your personal power is not outside of you.  It is not something that can be found by submitting yourself to an idea or a belief (remember, those ideas and beliefs may very well be next onyour hit list during this transition).  No, the source of your personal power is deep within yourself.  It is the same source tapped by every hero who has ever walked the earth.  And it is only by quieting your mind and listening to your heart and in following the direction that it gives that you will find it. But once you do, nothing will be beyond your grasp.

Once you have connected with that inner source you will find that the solutions to seemingly impossible situations will start to present themselves; that the complex and convoluted problems will start to resolve themselves; that the relationships that are holding you back will resolve and disentangle themselves without any of the drama you would expect.  This is not because you have suddenly obtained some sort of superhuman strength.  No.  This is because you are finally listening to your core; your essence; and following the promptings that it gives you.

Coming Into Alignment

Indeed; as you begin listening and heeding those inner promptings; as you begin relying on that inner source for your courage and strength you will find everything coming into a crystalline focus and find it much easier to follow the promptings of your inner essence; the creator of your existence; the progenitor of your purpose.

And as your life and soul purpose come into alignment synchronicities will abound and it will truly appear as if you are living a charmed life; a blessed life; a life touched by the gods.  And, in a way, you will be.

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