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Redefining Reality


Redefining Reality; A Metaphysical Odyssey

Do you sometimes find yourself wondering if this is all there is? Have you ever found yourself surfing the internet in the early hours of the morning; searching for something you could not define, though you feel that you will recognize it when you see it?

Don’t worry, you’re not alone, and you’re not going mad.

You are simply waking up.

Like Neo in the movie The Matrix, you have been caught up for so long in the web of illusions that surrounds you; in the sensory input that is being fed to your brain, that you have come to believe that the physical world is the only world that is real, but all of that is about to change.

There’s More to Life Than Meets the Eye

There is so much more to reality, to existence, than meetsthe eye.  Perhaps you’ve felt it.

Perhaps you’ve felt the itching in your brain; the subtle instinctive reflex that tells you that there are layers of reality you can barely comprehend and cannot quite see; layers running beneath the surface of the existence that you are familiar with; layers that run so deep and touch on concepts so vast that even catching a glimpse of them leaves you trembling in awe and wonder.

Do you want a glimpse of that reality, even if it means turning your life upside down? (and believe me; it will turn your life upsidedown).  If so, then go ahead and continue reading; follow the links provided; do the research; watch the videos.  If not, you might want to leave now, for once you’ve swallowed the metaphorical red pill; once you’ve been exposed to the concepts and ideas that will be presented there’s no turning back.

Oh, you may rant and rage that it is all a lie, that you’re being manipulated by well-written words and creative minds.  You may even storm away; erase the links and never return to this website again.  But even so, the truth of it will speak to your subconscious; the ideas will keep replaying in your mind at the strangest times, and before you realize it, you’ll be looking at reality from an entirely different perspective, and that, my friend, is when it will start getting interesting.

So take a moment, consider what you are about to do, then scroll down, and begin redefining reality for yourself.

Skimming the Surface of Reality

Imagine if you will that you are a water strider.  Also known as Gerridae, water strider’s skate along the surface of a body of water; completely unaware that there is not only an entire world beneath their feet, but another even larger world above their

They breathe the air without considering it.  They draw sustenance from the water without stopping to wonder why.  For the water strider, the surface on which they skate is their reality.  It is their world.  It is all that they have been exposed to.  It is all that they know.

Like the Gerridae, so many of us skim along the surface of reality.  We work, we play, we eat, we sleep, we live and love, all the time blissfully unaware that just beneath the skin of reality on which we so precariously balance our lives there are levels of existence, of awareness, of wonders that will take our breath away and change our lives forever.

Even the smallest of glimpses into these worlds is enough to change the course of your life, for once you’ve had a taste, and there is no turning back.  You’ll travel any distance; even into the heart of the Labyrinth itself.

You’ll risk any danger; even facing down the Minotaur who resides in the center of the maze if it means that you get to reclaim the expansive knowledge and understanding that comes from living in physical reality, but simultaneously being completely aware of the reality hanging over your head, and lying just beneath the surface.

The Journey to Awareness Begins

The road to awareness is not an easy path to take.   Once you’ve stepped out onto it, the journey tends to take on a life of its own, and you may find yourself traveling to places in your heart and soul and mind that you never considered exploring before.

Some of them will surprise you. Some may chill you to the bone.

You will find yourself entertaining thoughts and ideas that make your nervous.  But do not be afraid.  It is all a part of your awakening and it begins now, with an understanding of the Labyrinth of illusion that we call “the real world.”


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